Rotary Interviews

Windy down the Southeast of South Oz today. Makes it hard to keep the car in the correct lane.

Of course, under such bad driving conditions, I have to go to Millicent again today. lol.

Sarah is going for an interview with the Millicent Rotary Club. If they like what they see they will ‘sponsor’ her to attend some seminars in Canberra.

Finding the Farmhouse

We quickly found the correct farmhouse. It was just a little out of town. Down a twisty road over a bridge and a short drive later. There was a farmhouse kinda matching the description given.


At the back of the farmhouse was an office. The interview was to be performed here. I quickly threw Sarah to the Wolves (Rotary interview panel) and left. I hoped she was able to impress them. I picked her up at a predetermined time. She wasnt sure how she had gone. So I am hoping they ‘liked what they saw’. Another trip to Canberra (and being away from the home drudge) way will do her good. :)

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