Jagex will expand your RuneScape bank space. But only If you are prepared to pay for it. How transparently money hungry has this Company become?

The bulk of this months ‘upgrades’ have been to Jagex’s billing/credit system. Not much in the way of ‘game improvements’.

I did notice a few ‘coats of paint’ over some icons and things. But even though the new ‘coats of paint’ have improved the look. They do not take many many hours of programming and debugging to implement.

I think what the RuneScape players are really looking for is ‘Value for Money’. In my opinion not something they will find regularly at RuneScape.

Quote: “With the Jagex security key, we would be so confident that your account is secure that we could consider adding expanded bank space to those accounts that are protected by the Jagex security key.”

So.. It is a security issue that limits the amount of bank space RuneScape players may have. I see. So I would expect on a less secure gaming platform. There might be only 4 spaces available in the bank.

Thats so if someone breaks into Jagex’s standard security, (which aparently they now admit happens), the standard security is insufficient to handle more than 500 bank spaces.

I see. The problem is not with the Jagex programmers. It is actually a bank security issue.

Maybe Jagex should exploy security guards to accompany us everywhere we go. That way the system can never be compromised.

Wait. What is it I can hear you say? The new dongle is the security guard I have been dribbling about?

Well dang and tarnation Jagex. You guys are so ‘L’.

If all the RuneScape players PAY $1 each. Will Andrew Gower wear a ‘Red Dwarf’ holographic ‘L’ on his forehead? I have heard it will allow him to expand his BANK SPACE considerably.

What a bunch of noobs!

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