RuneScape: “I Swatch I” says Jagex RID there game of RWT WHILST convincing their ignorant userbase that they were in “financial trouble” and they were “having lawsuit problems”.

Comment: I totally agree. Jagex didnt NEED to remove RWT. They CHOOSE to do it.

“I Swatch I” 10-Jul-2009 02:27:01 Last edited on 10-Jul-2009 06:06:40 by Mod Lorenzo

I swear to god, This has gone beyond sad. In my 6 years of playing, since testing the Beta version of RS2, Not only have i seen Jagex Advertise their “13+” game on a 7-12 year olds website, Remove the only non-repetitive and enjoyable aspects of the game, totally kill of any need to communicate with other human beings, But with the release of this absolutely PATHETIC new PvP system. I and many others are really p’d off.

For starters, the new system only rewards patience. Not skill, not what gear you’re risking or wearing, but PATIENCE. Yes, as if we don’t have to be patient enough in real life, we’re forced to spend our “playing” time dwindling away in a hotzone in order to get some half decent bloody loot to sustain ourselves so we can come back and PK again.

And another thing, here i am, a good Pker, and i’m on a 10 kill streak. Am i rewarded? NO, I’m punished because i have 0 ep and i’m killing people and getting absolutely SHOCKING LOOT, For any of you who have ventured beyond Runescape you would know stringing together consecutive kills is REWARDED, not PUNISHED.

And lastly, Jagex. Where to start. Not only do you update things that have ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER on the game. But you choose to update things that are IN PERFECT BLOODY WORKING ORDER. STOP updating things that DON’T NEED FIXING. The old interface was FINE, But once again Jagex come riding in on their high horse to fix it, oh wait, IT DOESN’T NEED FIXING. Seriously, You need to fire Ted from the office or who ever is coming up with these terrible idea’s because it’s a disgrace.

Also, and believe me no amount of typing skill and ability can express just how funny i find this, Jagex have managed to both RID there game of RWT WHILST convincing their ignorant userbase that they were in “financial trouble” and they were “having lawsuit problems”.

So tell me, how come you go ahead and sue Frugooscape, yet you take no action against Gold Farming sites? And guess what? Here’s the punchline. I go onto Jagex’ official website and i see they’re ACTIVELY ADVERTISING FOR A LAWYER.

Are you actually serious, I have enough experience to know that in your terms and conditions you CLEARLY state everything ingame belongs to Jagex Ltd, Which gives you the Legal right to SUE ANY COMPANY WHICH ADVERTISES YOUR GOODS Under Section 27 Article 14- Advertisement without Legal Ownership.

So, there are the problems.

The solutions are simple. Sue the websites, Limit each credit card to 3 accounts, and make us register our credit cards at a bank. Although i greatly dislike Jagex, they have done a good job getting their 12 year old userbase on their side, leaving a few of us who aren’t baffled and taken in by big fancy words and a golden background. We do our research, And we come to a logical conclusion. Jagex have been very successfully covering up what can only be simplified as their inability to tolerate RWT, and taking the easy way out in getting rid of it, By affecting the IN GAME CONTENT to deal with a LEGAL PROBLEM.

Comment: Oh Yess.. Finally.. Someone who isn’t blinded with the lotto draw carrot of almighty ‘player mod’ status.

Thankyou “I Swatch I” for standing up for the game and the players. I believe that the game administration sold their souls long ago to maximize profit.

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