I received an application for Legal Aid today. With 8 days till court. I am yet to apply for Legal Aid.

If I fill out the form tonight. I will take it to Millicent with me on Wednesday and get it sent away.

Because of this, I will probably ask for some more time to arrange legal advise, during my court appearance in Millicent on the 22nd.

I read the application, and realised that there are no real financial exemptions, to aquiring legal aid.

All you really do is agree to a ‘time payment’ system with a Soliciter, who normally only has 5 minutes contact with you just before court.

Basically all you do is line the pockets of the very people who keep the system exactly “the way it is”.

“The way it is” is an impossible maze for those like myself who are not used to dealing with the police or the courts.

Obviously a pleb such as myself cannot afford to fight the police in court.

What makes it harder is:

  • Police refusing to give their operational guidlines.
  • Courts that are geared to only give justice after endless expensive appeals.

The way I see it. They will take as much money from me ‘one way or the other’ as they can.

So. To minimise cost to myself. Best I can do is:

  • turn up
  • plead guilty
  • appologise to police

Try and make it cost me as little as possible.

I really hate rolling over like this. But I can ill afford the alternative.

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