Sarah selected for trip to Canberra

Rotary thought Sarah was worthy of a trip to Canberra. :) “We have received your application and look forward to meeting you in September.” So now she is looking forward to her interstate trip.

New Political/Social direction?

I hope she gets “turned on” to being politically/socially more active.

But I think Sarah has witnessed my numerous attempts of “battling the system” and is smart enough to know that efforts in that regard are basically futile.

At the moment she is just too busy with School. Time will tell.

Perhaps the Law?

I would love her to become a Soliciter. I really believe she has the capabilities.

With her full “A” report cards.. (yeah I’m a proud dad..)


But Sarah’s ambitions are not so high. She is excellent at maths. But wants a job that will engage her artistic abilities. Without absorbing too much of her time. lol (dont we all..)

I have tried and tried to get her involved in graphics creation on the web. Because she really has a talent for drawing. But she doesn’t like the interface. Controlling a mouse is more difficult than a paint brush.

It's all good

One day I will just scan in some of her work.

So eventually you will see what she can do. :)

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