Playing Stealing Creation in RuneScape and a player started swearing. He kept on swearing too. Over and over he kept it up.

Now, I know that many players would have hit the Report button.

Which leads me to the question as to why Jagex dont just simply invest some programming into a much simplified reporting system.

I can imagine a system (easy to create) that takes note of the fact that many people have reported this account for swearing.

  • Make sure that those doing the reporting. ARE NOT on each others contact list.
  • Make sure that those doing the reporting. ARE NOT related thru a clan chat. (Past/Present)
  • Instigate immediate 5 minute mute. Warn user that more severe penalties follow for continious abuse.

Mutes can be increased in timelimit. Eventually for repeat offenders Bans.

Jagex staff dont have to lift a finger or spend another penny on this part of the reporting system.

So why haven’t they done this? Isn’t it an almost painfully obvious solution?

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