Twitterfeed and Digsby ROCK! Twitterfeed is now “Feeding Twitter” my Blog. So every entry in my Blog gets sent as a “Tweet”. Toooooo Kewl….

If you haven’t setup Twitterfeed for your Blog. I strongly suggest that you do.

Coupled with a IM/Twitter reader.. Like.. Um.. Digsby.



Digsby is an IM program. It interfaces with MSN, YAHOO, ICQ, AIM, TWITTER, FACEBOOK and others..

You can have MULTIPLE accounts from each group logged in at the same time.

Digsby interfaces with Twitter so that you can keep up with tweets.

Digsy also provides a widget for your website/Blog that enables you to send and receive IM’s to/from visitors to your site.

Setup Twitterfeed on your Blog. Setup Digsby to participate in Twitter and get IM’s from your webpages.


BTW: I am not financially related in any way to either of these companies.

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