Sarah Learning to Drive

Sarah is clocking up the hours on her learners permit.

She has 14.5 hours so far.

Saturday (18-07-2009)

Here she is driving the [[VP_Berlina?]] to Mt Gambier.

Image Caption: Sarah Driving: Obvilious to Camera.

She mostly doesn’t like her photo being taken. She pretty well tries to hide whenever she see’s the camera come out.

But thanks to modern technology.

(These images were taken from my Nokia 6280 and then transfered via bluetooth to my PC. Resized, FTP’d to my website, then intergrated into this page.)

Plus the fact that because she was driving. She couldn’t run or hide. :) So we have these (kinda nice?) images to remember the day with.

Sarah Driving

Image Caption: Sarah Driving: OMG! No where to run!

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