Dandwc88 Takes Lead

School holidays end here tomorrow. Sarah and Dan have clocked up the hours on RuneScape.


I rested the Lazerzap1 account

For the last month, while I rested the Lazerzap1 account, I trained the PK Extremo account. Daniel took this as an invitation to play “catch up” on my (lazerzap1) main.


Dan took the lead

So much so.. He *&*^ actually beat my total exp on Lazerzap1!!!


Image Caption: Daniel after informing me that he had beaten my total exp.

Dan is currently 83 slayer. So as a result he has been killing Spiritual Mages and getting LOTS of Dragon Boots. [1]

Note: 2 nights in a row he got over 12 pairs of boots. (The Noob! thats over 8 million gp)

Note to Self: I must find a plan to recapture my pride and lost exp


Pk Extremo Membership Expires

In other breaking news: (I always wanted to type that!)

The Pk Extremo members subscription experiment has now expired.

This is the state of the Pk Extremo account at the end of one months members subscription.

Note: Left Image: Image taken after 12 days membership, Right Image: Image taken at end of 1 months membership.

http://lazerzap.com/graphics/pkextremohighscores.jpg http://lazerzap.com/images/pkextremohighscore.jpg

http://lazerzap.com/graphics/pkextremolevels.jpg http://lazerzap.com/images/pkextremolevels.jpg

http://lazerzap.com/graphics/pkextremolevels1.jpg http://lazerzap.com/images/pkextremolevels1.jpg

I mainly worked everything up with Sacred Clay.


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