Court Outcome


My mess went to Court yesterday..

  • sigh*

It didn’t go well for me.

Plead Guilty

I pleaded guilty. Stood up to give my evidence.

Magistrate stopped me

The Magistrate stopped me. Told me he wouldn’t allow me to plead guilty. based on what I was saying.

Disagree with Police evidence?

Not that I said anything really. I said that I didnt agree with the Police version of events.

I suppose that says it all really?

Gagged in Court

So basically he wouldn’t let me give evidence.

I never got to show the images of the damage the police did to me.

Really 'Told Off'!

He ‘told me off’ profoundly

Made me ‘feel’ like the scum of the earth. (seriously)

$400 Fine

fined me $400 and warned me that this was the second time I had been found guilty of ‘resisting’. Told me that if I appeared in front of another court for a ‘resisting’ offence I would probably go to jail.

  • sigh*

Fearing the Future

So.. What do you think will happen the next time I happen to ‘meet up’ with any of the police involved?

I reckon.. Without any help from myself. I will somehow find myself on a charge of ‘resisting’..

Is it that corrupt?

What do you think? I know it’s that corrupt. This is just another example.

Civil Case

So now I’m looking for a good ‘soliciter’ to do a civil case on the police involved. If a ‘soliciter’ near Mt Gambier would like to share in the spoils..

Please contact me :)

After checking out.. this mess.

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