Robert Hill

Questionable Emails

“He also said he had no knowledge of an email Mr Davidson Kelly wrote to an AWB executive implying he was going to brief Mr Hill[1] on dealings between AWB and Tigris.”

Cole Enquiry

“The Cole inquiry is investigating evidence that Mr Davidson Kelly worked with AWB to siphon off $US8 million from the UN’s oil-for-food program by inflating wheat contracts between the Iraqis and AWB.”


Media Release

21-07-09 13:20

Announcement of the new Chair of the Australian Carbon Trust

Robert Hill[2] to be Australian Carbon Trust Chair

Government establishes Carbon Trust

The Rudd Government today announced two major developments in the establishment of the Australian Carbon Trust – the innovative new body which will help Australian households contribute directly to reducing carbon pollution.

Government Appointee

Professor Robert Hill[3] will be appointed chair of the Board to be established for the Australian Carbon Trust.


Unresolved Issues

No real offence meant towards Robert Hill[4].. BUT Wouldn’t it have been better not to select someone who has connections to as yet unresolved issues?

Is there 'No one else?'

Don’t we have anyone else in this country qualified to chair? Do these kind of ‘jobs’ always have to go to ‘the old boys network’?

Situation Normal in Canberra

Sad to see Rudd conducting business as usual in Canberra. :(

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