Court System Failing

A friend and I were discussing how the Court system fails.

Basically its all too complex. The judges dont act like they are from the same society. They are well educated ‘big heads’ who really believe that due to their money and their social standing that they are worthy to determine guilt.

This has always been the problem with the Court system. The rich select the Judges. The Judges are selected from the ranks of the rich. The rich have little understanding or compassion for the poor.

Is that why we need a soliciter to speak for us? Because the Judge doesnt understand our primitive (cash strapped) language?

Is it because ‘the plebs’ are so far beneath them. They must use a go bewteen. (So as not to contaminate themselves futher)

I think it is because they are so ‘inbred’. They have a mental condition. So require crazy proceedures.

Recently, when I appeared in Court, I noticed that the Police officers who ‘determined’ that an offence was made, were absent during the proceedings.

A ‘Police prosecuter’ instead ‘scans over’ the police report and only reads out what he wants to read out.

In my case. The Police prosecuter didnt read the 3 page police report out in court. He only read ‘what he considered’ would show me in the most negative light as possible.

(So whats new about that? - Well nothing really..)

But since the ‘Police prosecuter’ is only skim reading the police report to glean some angle to prosecute with.

Why waste everyones time and money?

Why do you have to travel to the nearest court location to “where” the alleged offence was committed?

This kind of court cannot hear a ‘not guilty’ plea anyway?

Rant: “Waste your time having to go there to plead ‘not guilty’ - So it can then be ‘given’ to the court where you really can plead not guilty?? - This is RED TAPE running wild! - Why cannot you contact the court prior to the court date - Say your going to plead ‘not guilty’ - Get your new court date allocated there and then.. and cut right back on the RED TAPE that pays court staff to sit on their bums all day everyday, double shuffling the papers around”.

Why can’t the court proceedings be heard closer to your home?

Nominate your Court appearance location

I think people should be able to nominate where they want to attend court.

2 choices only.. Go to Court:

  • Suburb/Town where it happened
  • Suburb/Town where you live.

The Police prosecuter that represents the ‘Crown’ (cough) will not know the history of your case. (But he/she may have been influenced by local officers who have a vested interest in the outcome of the court case.)

Under my proposed changes. Being able to ‘Move’ the court appearance location, would hake it much easier on people who are:

  • Loosing their mobility (Drivers licence)
  • on low income (welfare)

Restricting: 'The Old Boys Network'

Under these conditions, you can select if the Police prosecuter will/will not be influenced by his/her mates. (The arresting officer(s))

Police Officers will still be able to ‘call’ the Police prosecuter to make their case for what ‘they’ consider should be emphasised.

The difference being that the Police prosecuter will not have to ‘face’ the arresting officers daily is he/she determines to proceed alternately.

So is likely to act more inline with judicial prudence. lol

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