"New" versus "Improved"

Jagex think that they need to add new content on a monthly basis to maintain their customer base.

As a result the RuneScape game is rich in content. With literally hundreds of unique “areas” scattered around the game landscape.

Jagex don’t just “add” content. They continiously upgrade nearly all aspects of the game via feedback they receive on their Forums.

This works out to be a good deal for everyone. It keeps the game players happy. It keeps Jagex financially happy.

Polish needed

However, I think Jagex should spend some more development time ‘improving’ the hundreds of previously ‘rushed out’ pieces of content.

Jagex eventually rectify rushed ‘flawed’ game design. Depending on how many people ‘the bug’ impacts. (via forums) Determines the time frame for rectification.

But certain ‘aspects’ of the game have been ignored in Jagex’s rush to continiously create new content.

The Lighthouse Quest (Horror from the Deep)

In my opinion, “The Lighthouse Quest” (now known as “Horror from the Deep”) is one example of a quest in need of a slight overhaul.

Not so much as the quest itself. (Though I’m sure that many aspects could be improved on)

I think, the Damaged Book reward from this quest, could be enhanced in many ways, to add more fun to the game.

Quest Overview (Brief)

  • Speak to Larrissa south of the lighthouse.
  • Go south, jump across the basalt platforms and go to the Barbarian Outpost.
  • Talk to Gunnjorn and get the lighthouse key.
  • Go up to the first floor. Search the bookcase and take all the books available, flip through the lighthouse manual and the Ancient diary.
  • Go up one more level, use the following items on lighting mechanism in this order: swamp tar, tinderbox, molten glass. The lighthouse will now be fixed.
  • Go talk to Larrissa once more.
  • Go down the ladder to the bottom floor of the lighthouse then use all of your basic elemental runes on the door, (fire, water, earth, and air).
  • Go though the door and down the ladder.
  • Talk to Jossik, be prepared to fight two Dagannoths.
  • After you defeat the Dagannoth Mother, the quest is finished.
  • Talk to Jossik.
  • You can now choose one of the three damaged prayer book you want (Zamorak, Guthix, Saradomin).

Quest Rewards

  • 2 quest points
  • 4,662 Experience
  • 4,662 Experience
  • 4,662 Experience


  • A damaged prayer book of your choice: a damaged Holy book (Saradomin), a damaged Unholy book (Zamorak), or a damaged Book of Balance (Guthix).

God Books

A player first receives a Damaged book and needs to add 4 torn pages to make a complete God Book.

Torn pages can be aquired from the GE, other players, or Treasure trails.

Each God Book provides different attributes to the wearer. Depending on what book is being worn.

Holy Book

  • God: Saradomin
  • +8 to ALL defensive stats
  • +5 prayer
  • 4 prayers
  • Bless: Holy Symbols
  • Color of book: White

Unholy Book

  • God: Zamorak
  • +8 to ALL offensive stats
  • +5 prayer
  • 4 prayers
  • Bless: Unholy Symbols
  • Color of book: Red

Book of Balance

  • God: Guthix
  • +4 to ALL defensive/offensive stats
  • +5 prayer
  • 4 prayers
  • Bless: Both Holy and Unholy Symbols
  • Color of book: Green

Upgrade God Books

For the aspiring RuneScape Mage. God Books provide one of the best MAGIC/PRAYER stat boosters in the game. But people are not always training combat. Mostly they are doing other things in the game. Mostly wearing the best/rarest/most expensive items that they have obtained. God Books fall into this category for most players. As a result God Books are worn around a lot in the game.


“People stand around a lot in the game. Waiting for things to respawn. Some people do the ‘emotes’ they have collected in the game while waiting. Others activate their ‘God Book’ prayers.”

Perhaps Jagex could upgrade the ‘prayers’ that players can activate? Some fun could be obtained if the limit of 4 prayers was relaxed. Why not allow players to collect hundreds of different prayers?

(Yes Jagex will be busy making hundreds of new prayers.. Read on..)

The Future?

How about making the prayers ‘effect’ other players (and yourself) in the immediate area? (like Lunar magic does..) The ‘effect’ could wear off in time. Or it could last until next combat. Or it could even be ‘cumulative’, so that you could end up ‘training’ a prayer?

There could be prayers to help (Saradomin). There could be prayers to harm (Zamorak). There could be prayers to help this stat but harm that stat (Guthix). Prayers for fun. Prayers for whatever function really…

This would be an exciting aspect to ‘add’ to the game.

Note: Mage Books are superior in Mage boosting performance, but offer a much more expensive alternative to God Books.

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