Howdee, I'm shocked, gonna tell everyone

Greetings Melissa,

I am afraid I’m quite shocked at this news. I shouldn’t have been I guess. I should have realised by now that the Australia from my childhood is long gone.

I will twitter this email to my website. You never know there may be more people than just myself interested in the outcome.

Operational Matter

Firstly, I do appreciate your efforts on my behalf so far. However you said:

Quote: “As this is an operational matter, I have made enquiries on your behalf with the South Australian Police, and have been advised that the information is not publically available and that I will need to officially seek the information from the Office of the Commissioner of Police via written request.”

You make me wade in Red Tape?

This seems to be the same story as last time. I am as yet no closer to obtaining the information I require. Lets see if I can speed it up a bit..

Do I need to get a “PD360” - “Application for Access to SAPOL Records” form?

Because I have obtained one of those already.

I do have some questions regarding filling out the “PD360” form.:

What is the official term that SAPOL use for the guidelines when handcuffing?

(Please instruct me as to exactly what I should put in the “Details of Request” field on the “PD360”)

Ok.. So answer this then..

I have many other questions. I hope you would be kind enough to answer. Here are the first ones:

Has the Minister been briefed on this issue yet? Does the Minister have any other means of communication available with the Police other than via “PD360”? Does the Minister believe there should be ‘transparency’ to the public, for members of the Police, as well as elected and public officials? Is the Minister aware of other members of the public approaching the Minister for similar requests about “not publically available” police documentation? Would the Minister consider a “Police Tranparency” bill to make this kind of information more easily available to the public? Does your office receive similar requests about accessing other SAPOL information? Do you offer the “PD360” form to the public? Is the Minister aware of the contents of the SAPOL Hancuff documentation? Will the Minister make himself aware of the contents of this SAPOL Handcuff documentation?

Operation:"Information Blank Wall"

Would we all be so “outraged” if we knew what the police can do to the public? If that is the case. Then obviously this “proceedure” needs to be modified. We are (after all) all members of the public. As members of the public, all of us could face this “information blank wall” sometime in the future. In my opinion, the Police have way too much power as it is. Without resorting to “the information is not publically available” answer.

Police will lie against the public to protect each other. According to the police statement I fell on my bottom. How do the police explain the photos of the damage on my body then?


My photos prove they lied. I now know from personal experience, the police have way too much power.

Operation:"Fairy Tale"

Shouldn’t we try to make some changes to the system for the good of all, before our limited time is due? Some decent changes now may help your great great great grand kids someday. Maybe they wont end up aimlessly roaming the street corners or much worse, hating the police, because they DONT like what they see in the society that they live in. Isn’t part of the solution to fix the rot when we see it? Well.. I see it.. Many have seen this police rot.

The problem is. I dont believe that I would be the first person to approach you in this regard. I would like the Minister to get behind the public and push for greater tranparency of police guidelines. But your not the most popular Minister in Australia, so I can assume your heart has not felt the need to get behind such a venture previously.


Instead, my attempts at obtaining this information from your office previously was met with “Someone will call you back..” but they never did. Over and Over.. As documented :

How will the public ever know if the police operate legally within proper guidelines when the police refuse to release those guidelines for public scrutiny? When the Police Complaints Authority are basically Public Hostile? When your own office fails to return calls? Everyone fails to advise of the existance of form “PD360”? It is a complete “no brainer” and I find it difficult to believe that I am the first person to ever approach your office with a similar attitude toward police secrecy of documentation. In fact based on how I have already been treated. I would say that 99% of people would give up quite quickly. (I think you will soon agree that I fall into that last 1%)

You need a reason to know correct police proceedure?

With or without a valid reason the public should be able to access this information. If for nothing else than for the sake of reasonable “transparency”!! I believe the question of corruption in high places has again reared it’s head in Queensland. Based on my own perspective, I suggest to you that a similar situation must exist in South Australia. Parliament, The Courts, and the Police should be investigated throughly. All corruption should be disposed of. If it’s too hard to fix corruption. Then I suggest to you that the reason is because there are too many corrupt people becoming involved in the so called “fixing”.

Ok.. Here is my reason..

Quote: “Do you have any more details about what specifically happened to you or why you want this information that may help with this request?”

For the sake of giving you “my” reason for requesting this “handcuff” information:

1) I consider that I was assulted by Police. The Police in question then handcuffed me. I spent 2.5 hours in those handcuffs. While in the handcuffs I was assaulted by the police using the handcuffs as a means to purposely inflict pain upon me. At the police station door I cried out to passerbys that I was being assaulted. But the police claim a different story. They say that I was arrested at that point in the doorway. They claim I struggled to avoid arrest in the doorway of the police station. In actual fact. After being jostled and finally pushed to the ground in front of the ANZ bank. I became angry and started swearing while threatening the police with an assault charge. It is at that point that I am again pushed to the ground. Face first. (See : Images) The handcuffs applied. I was already in handcuffs and had walked (while abusing the police for assault) across the road and down to the police station in handcuffs with them. So the police fabricate the charge of resist police. I never resisted them except to say they would be reported for assault. I did stall in the doorway of the police station because I considered that the Policeman that was inflicting pain on me via his way of grasping the handcuffs was in breach of police guidelines. But according to the police statement. I tried to grab the handrail to stop them from pushing me into the police station. I can assure you that would have been impossible. I had both hands handcuffed. I did cry out to passing pedestrians that I was being assaulted by police. I believe this is how they justified it to the public. By claiming the were arresting me in the doorway. They put me in the Cells for about 80 minutes. The desk seargent ignored my pleas of assault in preference to his ‘buddies’ arrest record. So no help there. Then I was transported from one Police station to another police station. In the back of a ute with a cage. At the second police station the handcuffs were removed. No reason was given for this “transportation”. The Police knew that I had 2 teenage children at home while they delayed me futher transporting me around the state. I believe that the Police acted to purposely inflict as much pain as they legally could on me. Because I had already told them that I was going to report them for assaulting me when I initially encountered them and was assaulted by them. Who wouldn’t be angry at such treatment? But the police are a law unto themselves. They told me in the second police station that the handcuffs would stay on and they wouldn’t transport me back unless I “calmed down and co-operated”. So I sullenly gave up trying to get someone to notice the corruption in the police stations. When I was in the first police station I begged them over the intercom in the cells to at least loosen the handcuffs. I begged them in the ute when I was being transported to the second police station. I screamed 3 times for them to loosen the handcuffs while I was in the ute (Trip took maybe 30mins). The Police laughed to each other. (I could see through the canopy window into the cab of the ute) I didn’t see the joke! The Police didn’t act reasonably at all. Maybe they are used to pushing people around like garbage. But I am not used to such treatment. I have never had a “run in” with these police before. I have no “old axe” to grind. So neither did the police. This makes it even worse in my opinion. Obviously all members of the public are treated this way by these police. They must do it so often that they believe they are quite untouchable. Because I am a single parent who’s sole income is from the federal government. I determined to get out of this whole mess as cheap as possible. I have been to court. I had no legal representative. I need to pay a $400 fine. I pleaded guilty to the charges to get them gone. Now hopefully I can concentrate on making some bad cops gone too. Part of that is finding out what parameters the Police operate under. So I request the South Australian Police Handcuff proceedures or guidelines or recomendations, or whatever the police call it.

(Note: Links for your convenience Complete Story here :

Also contains: Initial request that was sent to Police Complaints Authority : My response to CJS documentation: )

It's against the law to NOT know the handcuff proceedure?

2) The public is told by the courts that ignorance is no excuse to the law. So really, just based on that, I should be able to request this information.

Of course the public need to know what the police guidelines allow them to do to us while in handcuffs. Armed with that information. The public will finally know when or if the police have exceeded their guidelines. Obviously that is something that the Police and the elected officials they hide behind do not want to change.

Why the &^%$ not tell us? What they hiding from us?

Perhaps the Police are operating without proper legislation to backup their actions? Why else are they so secretive about their “guidelines”? I can only guess at the reasons why the Police choose to act this way in this matter.

Am I the first idiot to make so much noise?

I have some futher questions:

Am I the first person that you have ever encountered, who consideres that they were mistreated by Police, to have ever approached this office? Am I the first person to try and access the “Handcuff protocol” from your office?

I am quite disappointed in the reaction from the Police Complaints Authority and Your Office at multiple ignored requests to gain access to this information prior to going to court.

The “PD360” form was only obtained in relation to my dealings with the CJS. I was never offered this form by your office or the Police complaints authority. Even though I obviously required the information prior to making a decision on how to defend myself from the charges I was facing in court. In this matter I believe that the whole system conspires to pervert justice.

The PD360 form

A final question:

Is the “PD360” form on the “not publically available” list?

On the scale of things this is positively a “storm in a teacup”. I understand that. There are much larger and more pressing matters before the Minister. Of that I am sure. In some ways I am sorry for wasting so much of your time on such a trivial matter. But then I remember how annoying it was to be treated like garbage from nearly everyone I tried to speak to about this.

Keeping the Ball in play

I have to re-initiate more written complaints to the Police Complaints Authority before they will investigate futher. I will be going ahead with that within the next few days.

Please Note that I contact the Government rather than the Opposition first to “set things right”

Looking forward to a reply.

Self Promotion, Public Scrutiny Dept.

This correspondence has now been posted on my website. See:

Original Letter from SA Police Ministers Office

Original Message —– From: To: Sent: Thursday, July 30, 2009 3:45 PM

Dear Mr Xxxxxx

I refer to our telephone conversation earlier today about handcuffing procedures.

As this is an operational matter, I have made enquiries on your behalf with the South Australian Police, and have been advised that the information is not publically available and that I will need to officially seek the information from the Office of the Commissioner of Police via written request.

Do you have any more details about what specifically happened to you or why you want this information that may help with this request?

Alternatively, you may like to have your lawyer seek this information directly from the Police on you behalf through disclosure.



ministerial liaison officer to the minister for police

phone (08) 8303 2101 fax (08) 8303 2042

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