Stay away from Australia!

The TV has news about “Australian University’s at 50% capacity as Indian Students stay away in droves”.

That set me off to search the net to see what people were saying on the subject.

Lots of Racist Comments available

I read a lot of “Comments” that were racist/borderline racist etc etc.

Seems quite a few Indian Students have been getting attacked in the cities.

Melbourne Stations are "Dangerous", after dark

Seems just walking home from working at night can be dangerous for these Indian students.

I say, (after having worked as a Jr Station Assistant at Malvern Station during the 1980’s)

“It always has been dangerous to be using public transport in Melbourne after dark”.

So I responded via (shock!) someone elses website..


Here is an “edited for wiki” version.

Cops in Australia serve the Government(s). Not the people!

Posted by : guest 03 August 2009 14:23:13

this is perfect.

now because of all this “noise” the australian state governments will “clamp down” on “gang” activities.

Jails will Overflow

I would expect the jails to overflow. (Eventually)

As the uneducated un-employed in australia react in a racist manner towards the newcomers who will ensure they remain em-employed.

Education should be FREE

Living in Australia. I believe that education should be free. Like it used to be.

Until a corrupt federal government changed everything so that universities could pretty well charge whatever they wanted.

Is this why students from other countries are being singled out for “attack”?

Perhaps people here see the ‘rich’ international students now ‘paying’ for the positions that were once ‘free’ to them.

Didn't we originally pay for it?

The Australian taxpayers originally paid for the building of those universities.

Yet their children now have to pay the same as international visitors to be educated?

Charge an "extended fee"

Surely an extended “fee” should have been charged to the international visitors.

Possibly, (with a high enough fee imposed) This would have allowed Australians to continue to be educated in their own universities for free.

I seriously doubt that the politicians appreciate how attractive life is in Australia, for people that come from other countries.

Australia isn't perfect. But its better than..

Our system isn’t perfect. In fact it’s downright frustrating at times. But I admit it’s perhaps one of the least restrictive on its people.

Thats why I am able to Comment on whatever I want. (uh huh.. I’m not without some fears of reprisal)

Low Income life in Australia

For someone who was born here, already low in the social/economic scale. Faced with the corrupt ‘changable’ political/Police/Courts system. Un-employed and living under the poverty line. With no real future offered to them.

My guess is, that it would be hard for low income un-educated people that come from estranged families to ‘commit’ to a large student loans.

As a long term un-employed person living in australia, who has never completed high school, has no formal qualifications, I can understand some of the situations people find themselves under.

Make Education FREE for Australians (again!)

If that ‘education issue’ could be solved..

Then perhaps these “attacks” will be a thing of the past.

But doesn’t the same condition exist in reverse in India?

In fact in most (all?) countries?

For every action is an equal and opposite reaction

I think the difference here is that low social/economic Australians have recently endured drastic changes to their “persceived expectations” and as a result are reacting violently.[1]

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