Fixing the "Loan System"

The RuneScape loan system is very limited. Players must perform the “loan” in real time on the same world with the player they are loaning to. (Basically similar to the old fashioned trade system) The current system only allows for 1 item to be loaned.

What if you could loan/borrow up to 6 items? But, you had to go into a specific building to do this?

Read on for my thoughts on fixing the loan system.

West Bank Varrock - "Waste of Space?"

The West bank at Varrock is almost a waste of space, due to the Grand Exchanges close proximity. However, People do “Smith” from this bank and they would be unhappy if the bank was removed. So I think it should remain a banking outlet, but perhaps addon to the functions players are able to perform here. Expanded loaning with Pawnshop capabilities perhaps?

Loan Exchange - "LE"

We could call the upgraded building ‘The RuneScape LE’ - (Loan Exchange)


1) Basic Banking - (Lets not upset people smithing..)


2) Players are able to “raise gp” by “pawning” acceptable items. Normal pawnshop rules should apply.

Players should be able to:

  • Pawn “Acceptable” Items
  • Reclaim Pawned Items - Within (Monthly) Contract timeframe.
  • Pay (Monthly) Fees - Or loose item. Lost items go on GE after 7 days.
  • Extend Loan Periods - On Current (Monthly) Contracts Only
  • First Option to “Buy Back” lost item. - Within 7 days of loss.

Loan Exchange

3) Loan items across RuneScape. (Similar to GE)

Players that:

  • Want to loan an item are able to set the “price” (system supplied min/max) in gp that they want per hour.
  • Need an item can come into the LE (Loan Exchange) and see the “min”, “mid”, and “max” gp per hour they need to offer.
  • Pickup (Collect) Items

6 loan items for members, 2 for F2P (same rules as GE)

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