BigPond Hosting Services

Telstra BigPond offer their hosting services for Home and Business users in various configurations.

Personal Hosting

PurchaseSupplierPlanStorageBandwidthDomainsSub DomainsMailboxesSetup FeePer MonthPer YearAdd StorageExcess DataDomain NameWebsite Builder
Buy NowTelstraBronze1GB3GBUnknownUnknown1$0.00$9.95$119.40$22GB$154.00GB$24.00Included
Buy NowTelstraSilver2GB10GBUnknownUnknown5$0.00$14.95$179.40$22GB$154.00GBIncludedIncluded
Buy NowTelstraGold4GB30GBUnknownUnknown10$0.00$19.95$239.40$22GBCappedIncludedIncluded
Buy NowPCHostFree300MB10GB661$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00Included
Buy NowramHOSTStandard2GB40GBUnlimited5050$0.00$1.33$16.00$0.99GB$0.99GB$0.00Included
Buy NowCountrySA.ComIntermediate600MB300GB55300$0.00$5.95$71.40$0.00$0.00$0.00Included
Buy NowFiveBeanTurbo60GB600GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited$0.00$4.41$53.00$0.00$0.00$15.00Included

Business Hosting

PurchaseSupplierPlanStorageBandwidthDomainsSub DomainsMailboxesSetup FeePer MonthPer YearAdd StorageExcess DataDomain NameWebsite Builder
Buy NowTelstraPremium200200MB10GBUnknownUnknown9999$64.00$39.95$479.40$44.00GB$80.00GB$49.00Included
Buy NowTelstraPremium500500MB20GBUnknownUnknown9999$97.00$65.95$791.40$44.00GB$80.00GB$49.00Included
Buy NowTelstraPremium800800MB30GBUnknownUnknown9999$105.00$89.95$1079.40$44.00GB$80.00GB$49.00Included
Buy NowTelstraPremium30003GB40GBUnknownUnknown9999$105.00$329.95$3959.40$44.00GB$100.00GB$49.00Included
Buy NowFiveBeanTurbo60GB600GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited$0.00$4.41$53.00$0.00$0.00$15.00Included

BigPond Vs Competition = BigPond Fail

Look at the EXTREME difference in the BigPond price structure compared to other more competitive internet hosting companies. When will the Telstra stockholders realise their investments are being squandered by the decision to hold hosting prices so high?

Premium "Add-On" Hosting Charges

BigPond have determined to “charge” a “Premium” for what many people would consider standard webhosting features. Modern hosting providers utilise industry standard “Control Panels” (Fantastico, etc) to impliment these ‘default’ features. BigPond has again shown it’s appetite for profit.

BigPond Website Builder

StandardPer Month
Premium 200$39.95
Premium 500$65.95
Premium 800$89.95
Premium 3000$329.95

AdvancedPer Month
Premium 200N/A
Premium 500$70.95
Premium 800$94.95
Premium 3000$334.95
BigPond Business Mail

MailboxesPer Month

Note: *Premium* Hosting services Only.
Cached Servers:

LevelCache LocationPer Month
Level 1USA$25
Level 2USA$59
Level 3USA$155
Level 1JAPAN$100
Level 2JAPAN$236
Level 3JAPAN$620
LevelVisitors per Month
Level 1Less than 1,000
Level 2Less than 10,000
Level 3Less than 100,000
BigPond Streaming Media

StreamsDataPer Month

Additional data is charged at
$132 per GB.

BigPond Additional Data Sources

Hosting PlanSetup Fee per DSN
Premium 200N/A
Premium 500$66
Premium 800$66
Premium 3000$66
BigPond ColdFusion MX

Hosting PlanPer Month
Premium 200N/A
Premium 500N/A
Premium 800$15
Premium 3000$50
BigPond SQL

Hosting PlanSQL DatabasesSetup FeePer Month
Premium 200LiteN/AN/A
Premium 500Lite$65$11
Premium 800Standard/Premier$121$15
Premium 3000Standard/Premier$121$30
BigPond SSL

SSL KeysLevelPer Year
Comodo128 bit$250
Thawte40 bit$495
Thawte128 bit$935
Verisign40 bit$825
Verisign128 bit$1,980


See: BigPond WebForum

  • $11 per month.

Additional Mailing Lists

See: BigPond Additional Mailing Lists

  • Monthly: $11 per 1,000 mailing list subscribers per month.

Note: Cannot contain more than 10,000 subscribers.

Additional Security Tokens

See: BigPond Additional Security Tokens

  • $5 per month per additional token.

Note : 26 tokens max.

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