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Which of the 16 Political Personality types are you?


I am Horizontalist, Militant, Progressive and Collectivist. (HMPC)

Which means..

I do not believe in a strong, vertical power structure. I am distrustful of such systems, and prefer small governments. I scored 60% on Horizontalist, I am more Horizontalist than 70% of people tested. I am not Authoritarian.

I could be likely to take up arms against the system. I do not prefer to work within the system to show a more pacifistic nature. I scored 84% on Militant. I am more Militant than 92% of people tested.

I am not sceptical of change. I believe in the necessity of change. I scored 52% on Progressive. I am more Progressive than 83% of people tested. I am not a Traditionalist.

I support an economic system in which the needy are cared for. I am not in favour of an economic system which allows individuals to amass large amounts of resources for their own private use. I scored 60% on Collectivist. I am more Collectivist than 53% of people tested.


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