Now we aint talking? (NWAT)

“Telstra has confirmed it closed the shutters on its website, which at times has been used as a mouthpiece to promote its telecommunications sector regulatory ambitions.

The site, which hosted a network of blogs written by various Telstra staff, has been produced since 2005 while Telstra was still under former chief Sol Trujillo. At the launch of the site, then group managing director of Telstra public policy and communications Phil Burgess said a shareholder came up with the idea as a way for investors to see where Telstra stood on certain issues.

A spokesperson for Telstra this morning confirmed the site will shut down. Telstra has since unveiled plans to launch a new yet-to-be-named site which will sit under the domain.

“The end of NWAT will not mean the end of Telstra’s online outreach — far from it,” the telo told its subscribers via an email today.

A spokesperson for Telstra today confirmed the site will shut down, but was unable to provide further details at the time of writing.

The site was managed by a handful of Telstra’s public relations managers, but was initially headed up by Rod Bruem, author of a blog who last year suggested Optus chief executive Paul O’Sullivan see a counsellor and accused parent company Singtel of being an arm of the Singaporean Government, and proceeded to call it “one of the most hideous totalitarian regimes in Asia”.

Tim Burrows, editor of media and marketing online publisher, Mumbrella, said he was disappointed by Telstra’s decision to shut the site.

“Bloody hell! I saw [the site] as hugely positive. I know it was seen by some as a propaganda arm, but to me it was becoming a genuine conversation. I thought it was a good place for Telstra to tell their story when the whole Fake Stephen Conroy [Twitter issue] was going on,” Burrows told

Telstra recently launched its own Twitter identity, after reclaiming it from a cybersquatter. Burrows said the nowwearetalking site would make a perfect companion to its Twitter account for more complex arguments.

As for why Telstra has decided to take it down, Burrows speculated: “It might have been so associated with Phil Burgess and the Sol era that it couldn’t get rid of that stench of propaganda.”

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My Comments

After reading 85% of the comments..(ed: in the article) I thought the booger comment was the best.. (so far..)

Ahem.. Now that I have bothered converting from a “reader” to a “writer” what can I say that hasn’t been said already..

(edit: removed duplicate wikiblog content from this post..)

Was NWAT a one sided corporate spin site?

The question isn’t worth answering..

Anyone who saw NWAT as anything else must have somehow “lost” their ability to process data and draw obvious conclusions.

Some people may lament the loss of “data” they contributed to the NWAT website.

Well.. Perhaps those people would have been better off communicating within a well known community that allows greater freedom of speech?

Whirlpool.. (Or maybe my “lazerwikiblog”? wink)

I think that they must have been living under a rock, or maybe just not smart enough to realize that Telstra only ever cared for profit.

The NWAT website provided a token “counterweight” to the (ever increasing) anti-telstra blogs..

But thats what it’s like living under a (near) monopoly.. It’s still “cheaper” to make a spin site and then “remove” it than actually provide decent customer service.

You now have my 2c…

See: My ZDnet Comment

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