Naracoorte Tourism


Naracoorte historically relied largely on sheep and cattle farming. Nowadays tourism has become a major industry. The World Heritage-listed Naracoorte Caves National Park and the Internationally-recognised wetland, Bool Lagoon are major visitor drawcards.

Wine Region

Naracoorte also receives a substantial number of visitors due to its proximity to the Coonawarra, Wrattonbully, and Padthaway wine regions.

"V" Class Locomotive No.9. (Made 1877)

Visit "V9" in Naracoorte

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Railway Buffs will definately want to visit V9. The oldest, smallest remaining locomotive of the S.A.R. (South Australian Railways) Setup (to extend future survival) in her own 'Mini Mockup' Station. Still in very good overall condition a visit from the railway buff is a must do when visiting Naracoorte.

Note: Currently (Oct 2009), visitors still have full access to the cab and most aspects of V9.

"V" Class: Unsuitable for Line work?

The "V" Class locomotives proved unsuited for line work, but were successful as shunters and a further four were built locally by James Martin & Co in 1893.

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Quote from Dedication Sign at V9:

"This is the oldest and smallest remaining locomotive of the South Australian Railways. One of four built by Beyer Peacock and Co. LTD of Manchester England. It was placed in service on the Kingston-Naracoorte Railway in early 1877. It was transfered to the Northern Division of the S.A.R. and excepting for a short period between 1912 and 1914 when it was used by the mines department on the Paramatta and Yelta mines near Moonta. It remained in service in the Northern Division until 1953. Still in perfect working order. It was presented to the Corporation of Naracoorte by the South Australian Railways as a historic relic in 1955. After 77 years of faithful service... Outmoded , but not worn out."

"V" Class


Cylinders : 9 1/2" Dia x 15" Stroke
Wheels Coupled : 3'0" Dia
Wheels Trailing : 1'9" Dia
Length: Overall: 21'31/2"
Working Weight: 15 Tons 13 Cwt
Boiler Pressure : 130lbs per sq in
Tractive Effort : 4155lbs
Wheel Guage : 3'6"
Milage Recorded : 488,049 Miles

James Martin & Co ("V" Class Clones?)

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James Martin & Co. of Gawler won two South Australian Government contracts to build locomotives in 1888 and again in 1891. James Martin & Co. completed the first of their fifty two contracted locamotives in 1890. By 1892 James Martin & Co. were employing around 700 workers.

V9 was retired from South Australian Railways (SAR) and plinthed in Naracoorte park in 1955. V9 is currently displayed under a shelter that provides good protection against the elements, but unfortunately makes photography quite difficult.

Forney 0-4-4T?

The “V” Class are similar to the Forney 0-4-4T locomotives which were once common on elevated city railways in the USA.

See Also: Australian Steam

Naracoorte Nessi

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Travelling from Naracoorte toward Beachport/Robe/Lucindale/Kingston/Millicent you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Naracoorte Nessi. Locals have been regularly reporting sightings.

Note: Naracoorte Nessi is just a bunch of old tires.. ;)

Lake Ormerod: The Unknown Fisherman

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Just nearby Narracoorte Nessi, at Lake Ormerod, is The Unknown Fisherman.

I saw him from the distance. Sitting alone in the wind on one of the benches. So we pulled up and tried to strike up a conversation with him. The Fisherman seemed oblivious to our attempts at communication.

I think he was drunk as a skunk. Or something.. Because he has numerous bottles and cans. Looks like he is set in for the night/week/month/year.

I thought maybe I could bludge a drink or two from him. Eventually we made friends. So here we are together to proove the event. (I’m the one on the right…)

His drinks are warm and quite flat and he doesn’t talk much. But I’m sure I made a lasting friend of the Unknown Fisherman.

If you are lucky enough to make a friends of him too… (Before the local council removes him..) Send me an image and I will (eventually) make a webpage.. lol

(Thinks: I wonder if he will add me on his <<Insert Current popular Social Community Network>> account?)

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