A controversial CEDA paper published in December 2006 argued that Australia does not need a single national high-speed broadband network.

Original Image: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/25/Telstra_roadside_cabinet_housing_a_RIM_and_CMUX.jpg

The paper, authored by the University of Melbourne’s Professor Joshua Gans, claimed that Australia would do better to create a regulatory system that enabled appropriate local-scale solutions.

This argument has been rejected by Telstra, Australia’s largest broadband provider.

Comment: Yes.. Telstra wouldn’t have liked the idea of legislation designed to remove Non Interlaced RIM exchange (31.2kbps Max) data restrictions from the NBN calculation.

It would cost Telstra a lot to convert existing rural exchanges to ADSL.

Once RIM exchanges have been made ADSL and many people take up their new ADSL option, Telstra’s Next G Wireless internet solution would probably become a mostly unused somewhat expensive white elephant.

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