Dental Health History

All of my top teeth are ruined through too much sugar and too little dental hygene. Being on prolonged low income I have been unable to rectify this situation. As a result over the years I have suffered from infection in the mouth. Which has always responded well to antibiotics. Recently I have been accepted as an accute dental case. (Looks like I will have dentures eventually) As a result I am awaiting tests to determine my ability to deal with the future dental operation to be carried out at the Adelaide Dental Hospital.

Getting that puffy feel in my mouth again

Looks like I have been slowly getting another infection. My remaining teeth are harder and harder to keep free of stuck food items. As a result I seem to end up with infections about 3 times a year.

I know when its reaching critical because I look down my face and I can see my cheek or lip is swollen.

After awhile.. If allowed to get that bad.. You can “see” the swelling in pheripheral vision all the time…

I learned (not too long ago..) that these constant infections slowly destroy internal organs. Also recently I heard of some research team making a connection to cancer and infections.

So having constant infections seems to be a fast track to having serious health problems later in life.

I’m not too happy about being in low income hell for years with no dental assistance being available to long term unemployed/single parent/disabled. But thats another issue.. For another time..

Anyway, As a result of aquiring this “information”, I recently determined to catch the infections more quickly. I mosly attend Mount Gambier Hospital emergency department to obtain antibiotics when this happens. (Simply because I have No Confidence with the services offered in Millicent)

Previously I had no trouble obtaining antibiotics.

Time to get some antibiotics

Yesterday I again attended the Mount Gambier Emergency Department to obtain antibiotics.

My mouth has a few spots of infection. I have waiting until I can feel the preasure around my nose. Just sniffing or moving my lips results in soreness around and under my nose now.

So we drive to Mount Gambier. Kids want to do Christmas shopping. I leave them to it and head to the Mount Gambier Hospital Emergency room.

Waiting in Emergency

After waiting only for 1 hour. I am called and led into another waiting cubicle. The nurse checks my temperature and leave me to wait some more.

How many times have I waited in the initial emergency waiting room till I was the last one there.

Simply because antibiotics for infections is treated as far less important than almost everything else.

Visiting an understaffed emergency department with the likely prospect of an extended wait among Swine Flu sufferers.

Knowing that I will be the last to be seen..

More waiting..

It’s good to get into the “SECOND QUE”

The amazing Dr Kim

After 20 minutes more waiting in the cubacle Dr (Dr Kim) finally appears. Asks me what I am here for. I say that I need antibiotics for infections in my mouth.

Eminate a glow of happyness.. Or else!

But this Doctor seems to believe I MUST eminate a rosy glow of happyness around me. Rather than the grim truth of dental despair.

She holds a lit instrument like she wishes to examine my mouth. But instead of doing so. She starts to give me a lecture on improving my attitude. Aparently my quiet non talkative demenour is being misconstrued as being rude.

Not treating rude people..

I am informed that have been rude to the nurse. (But I am at a loss to know how..)

Aparently I am being rude to this Doctor as well. Because she is now telling me to improve my attitude before she will be prepared to examine me.

Yet I have hardly said a word. I certainly wasn’t complaining about anything.. or anyone.. I am at a loss to understand where this person is coming from..

I tell her to rewiew the recording of my interaction with the nurse before coming in and making accusations about being rude.

Apart from this incident. I haven’t raised my voice. I haven’t used a swear word. In fact I have hardly said anything due to having such a sore mouth.

Im wondering why this woman Doctor would much rather I leave without being attended rather than just do her job. Obviously she thinks she can treat people this way and avoid her responsibilities.

Manipulation of sick people..

In fact I take stock of the situation and realize quite quickly that this Doctor is going to TRY and RING my BELLS.

To be honest.. I am here for antibiotics. The whole wait in line and then wait in line again is all just bullshit to me.

So I button my mouth as I listen to her quiet yet forceful spelling out of her rules. How I will not be treated and she will have me removed unless I improve my attitude.

Just give me the antibiotics

I tell her that I just want antibiotics.

She asks me over and over if I want to be treated. Each time I answer that I do.

Eventually she decides that she MUST examine me.

She does so and proclaims that I do not need antibiotics.

(Big Surprise..)

Do we have an alternative to ASSHOLES?

At that point I get up and approach the Triage doorway. I ask for another Doctor. Everyone quickly looks the other way.

I yell into the open door of the Triage area that I need another Doctor.

A security guard approaches with Doctor Kim.

I tell them again that I reject the diagnosis and require another Doctor to verify that the diagnosis is accurate.

Dr Kim and the Security Guard refuse.

I am told that I have been dealt with and to leave the Emergency area.

You are not allowed to know who examined you..

So I ask to speak with a Hospital director. In response I am informed that no one of authority is available until Monday. (This is Saturday)

So I ask for the Doctors name so that I can complain.

Now I am told that this information is being rufused to me.

I am handed a piece of paper with the date and time written on it. They tell me to complain using that.

So I am not allowed to even know that name of the Doctor that misdiagnosed me?

Just give up.. They always win..

So I give up and walk towards my car. But I still have the infection. I have just totally wasted 2 hours for nothing.

The fact that no one was prepared to intervene in emergency department makes me angry. Surely there is a protocol for dealing with situations like this? If not.. Why not?

I dont give up easily..

So while walking past the main entrance I decide to try to get someone to notice how unfairly I am being treated. I walk in to the front desk. (Which isn’t being attended).. Sign says to Dial 0 and I will get someone on the internal telephone.

So I speak to someone who tells me to wait in Emergency Deptartment and someone will be there soon.

So I go back to Emergency Department and wait in front of the Triage desk.

The Security guard that was initially with Dr Kim see’s me and comes out to where I am. Tells me to leave the area. I inform him that I am waiting for a Hospital Staff member. So he leaves me be.

6 Page Complaint form

Evenually another Security guard comes out with a 6 page complaints form. Gives me the form and asks me to leave.

I again repeated that I was waiting to speak to an unnamed Hospital staff member.

Through the open door to the Triage area a small lady informs me that I was waiting for her and that she was just going to give me the form.

So I leave.

As I leave the second security guard follows me into the carpark with a pen and paper. I think he wrote down my car registration number.

I must be a real loose cannon. Sheesh.


So I didnt get antibiotics and today as I write this I can feel the preasure in my face and know that Doctor lied to make me suffer over some imagined sin.

How come I find them so easily?

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