Stone Reserve

Stone Reserve is located on the Upper Left of the Map.. Where the White Spot is.

What's a Stone Reserve?

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Opposite Clovelly is a signpost that declares a "Stone Reserve" lies somewhere that a way.. So since we have lived here for 2 years or so.. I decided today that it was time to investigate.

The "Stone Reserve" appears to be some kind of long abandoned quarry. Likely part of the "Clay Wells" wells as well. (Sorry... I just had to..)

I can almost imagine the history of this place. From the Original inhabitants to the Chinese seekers of gold. To the builders of the Princess Highway.. (Guessing this is what the quarry/watering hole was used for..)

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Lets Mine them Rocks

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I think its a shame someone come along and mined it. In many places, you can clearly see circular holes cut/drilled into the rock as part of a mining process.

Many recent human remains unfortunately litter the area. Rusting cans, Broken glass. Looks like some time ago this place may have previously been used as a local dump.

My kids had paid the place a visit soon after we moved here. But I hadn't seen it until today. This was my first viewing.

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More Scenes

Rocks Rocks Rocks...

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Its a mini santuary out here. Fenced off from the paddocks that surround it.

A mini wetland area. That probably fills up considerably when its been raining a lot. Walking through the area was like being in a light swamp.

Surrounded by Rocks Rocks Rocks..

Quite a few different birds were about the area. I saw some black ducks take off from the largest body of water as I approached. Unfortunately, my Nokia 6280 camera isn't up to bird catching action shots.

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