Woodcutting Exp Comparison

I thought it would be a good time to Runescape it this weekend. Since I have membership currently.. So… I decided to do some comparisons with Woodcutting experience.

Artic Pine vs Ivy

Cutting Artic Pine

Up on the Island of Neitiznot across the first bridge, are some Artic Pine trees.

There is also a Woodcutting stump and a pile of logs.

Using my Sacred Clay Hatchet.. (Everyone is using sacred clay.. right?)

The idea is to:

  • Cut the Artic Pine trees
  • Use the logs on the Woodcutting stump
  • Dump full inventory on pile of logs
  • Repeat

I worked out with the stopwatch in my Nokia 6280:

  • Full load (28) of logs, from the trees, takes about 3 mins.
  • Splitting and dumping the logs takes about 1.5 mins.

So it takes about 4.5 mins to do a full run.

Experience Gained:

  • Woodcut 1 log = 281
  • Split 1 log = 42

Inventory (28) x Total Exp (281 + 42 = 323) = 9044

We are getting 9044 Woodcutting Exp for 4.5 mins work:

  • 4.5 mins = 270 seconds.
  • 9044 / 270 seconds = Average of 33.49 Exp per Second

Cutting Ivy

What about Ivy? (I hear you ask..) I went to some Ivy.

I started with a totally fresh peice of Sarced Clay. The axe lasted for only 13 mins. In the 13 mins of chopping the Ivy. I got 38340 Woodcutting Experience.

  • 13 mins = 780 seconds.
  • 38340 / 780 seconds = Average of 49.15 Exp per Second


Ivy is the clear winner with 15.66 more Woodcutting experience than Artic Pines.

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