Politics Corrupt as usual

I sit here reading articles all the time. I read read read.. I’m a good reader (I think..) I get a “buzz” from just finding out new things. (Thats probably why the internet is so popular?)

But just about everything I read about politics. Gives me a guts ache.

Everything the politicians touch or fiddle with seems to end up corrupted.

(Oh its always hidden beneath a scam so the public cant see how they are being used again.. and again..)

Common Good?

It’s not just Australia.. All over the world.

People in positions of power use their position in that society to further their own vested interests.

Even at the risk of the very system that gave them power to begin with.

History confirms this.

Why do we have the mistaken idea that politicians today have the “common good” central to their hearts? When almost every action that they display proves that its the same as what it has always been.

Actions speak louder than words

Actions speak louder than words?

Well yes they do.. Politicians are particularly well versed in how to “dupe” the public with election promices that are rarely kept. While “acting” to feather their nests.

I dont think the current world system is working very well. (what system??)

I say that if its too hard to change the various “systems” that make our little world tick over..

Answer: Transparency

Perhaps we are long long overdue for TRANSPARENCY IN GOVERNMENT.

That way corruption can be squashed.

I think all the people of the world should be asking for TRANSPARENCY.

NO big threat to existing systems of government.. Just clean them up.

I dont know of any people in the world that wouldnt benefit from TRANSPARENCY.

Up against the wall..

But of course the big corrupt assholes. The ones that take so much from all of us. They would complain bitterly..

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