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The Rudd Government‘s efforts toward improving education standards in Australia is to be applauded.

Unlike their political rivals the current Federal government appears happy to invest in Australia’s future education.

Lets see how Kangaroo Inn compares

What does all this mean?

Well.. Not much..

It appears to show that some year 9 standard at Kangaroo Inn are actually closer to year 7 standards everywhere else..

Thats what I take from this.. Shame.. The kids like Kangaroo Inn School..

Now I know why perhaps..

I always thought Kangaroo Inn Area School allocated a little bit too much time for excursions, camps, swimming, and sports than actual “Three R” education. (Reading,Riting,Rithmetic)

Well.. It looks like I could have been right..

In this case I don’t think I like being right.

Sarah defends KIAS to me. She really likes it there…

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On how the results are compared.

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