UnInstalling PalTalk

I was uninstalling Paltalk. Next thing I know this survey pops up. Asking me why? Well… Never one to shy away from telling it how I see it.. This is what I sent to them..


Funny how asking for comments about why I am uninstalling Paltalk can turn into a problem.

You see.. I am on dialup still. Forced again to download increasingly larger and larger paltalk upgrade code. (13MB now)

This of course is frustrating for the dialup user. If I could access a direct download url. It would probably take me nearly 4 hours to download the new code. Which I would do, except I cannot see where the Paltalk Website offers a direct download url?

Unfortunately the Website standard download keeps failing for me with obscure “site not ready” errors. Trying to use the Paltalk internal download takes far longer than the website download with paltalk client still running and consuming bandwidth.

Trying to find alternate solutions leads me to attempt joining a help lobby. But the out of date client doesn’t allow me to join a help lobby to aquire the direct download link. The out of date client doesnt allow me to PM anyone else to get help.

Aborting the Paltalk internal download results in a broken download proceedure that has forced me to now totally uninstall paltalk.

Would I recoment Paltalk? I would recomend paltalk to BROADBAND users. But I can no longer ask my rural dialup friends to attempt participation.

Even ignoring the above complaints. Dialup customers must endure the ever increasing bandwidth of paltalk and advertiser advertisments. The only half answer being to subscribe to Paltalk to reduce bandwidth consumption on the forced advertisements.

Even when your a subscriber, Help room staff do not seem to care about the customer experience. No real solutions offered as paltalk became increasingly impossible to use on dialup.

In fact, after listening for many hours in help lobbies, I would suggest that paltalk staff increasingly display pretty well a total disregard for customer wishes about most things.

Staff seem to be on Mars. They may be multilingual, but they do not listen to what the customer is asking. They rave on and on about unrelated subjects.

While treating the Paltalk customers with distain as they “red dot” an unwanted question. Either they do not have answers for even the most obvious questions. Or they just simply do not care about the paltalk brand. (Of course.. why would they?) It is not their business they destroy.

Anyway.. who cares.. right? Probably another volunteer reading this right now. (If it ever got read)

It’s been many months since I was a regular on paltalk. I really don’t miss it. The whole scene got very stale a long time ago.

Anyway, I am going to turn these comments into a blog entry. If you bother replying to lazerzap@hotmail.com

I will supply a direct download link on the blog as a service to my readers.. (as well as your comments..)

If you dont bother replying.. Well.. It proves what I have been saying.. Doesn’t it? Cheers..


I stopped trying to use voice chats many months ago. But I will probably re-download it again simply because I have too many friends on Paltalk.

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