Senator Conroy.

I want you to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on your program to filter the internet.

The system you are proposing is so full of holes that I find it objectionable that you continue to push it against obvious public disapproval.

I am going to get other people, who feel the same as I do, to petition the Governor General to “bring you into line” on this issue. The “twitter” is alive with people who feel the same as I do on this issue.

It is totally unacceptable for a Government to determine what should be restricted content! (Governments cannot be trusted to act in the public will - you provide the perfect example of it..)

The public elected you to represent the majority decision. You have instead thrown your weight behind your morally destitute party politics. While attempting to hide yourself in your disguise of morals protector.

You need to let whoever cares in the labor party know that MUCH civil disobedience will be the outcome. If you continuing with the current plan to filter the internet.

I am not going to waste any more of my time with you. Many others have undoubtedly wasted their words on you.

But actions speak louder than words Mr Conroy. The civil disobedience will be historic. Your name will forever be linked to it.

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