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Digital TV

Senator Stephen Conroy as the Minister of this Government Department is responsible for the Proposed switch to digital television as a complete replacement for analogue.

Let me tell you how bad the Television is here in the South East of South Australia.

On the Analogue system. The images are quite fuzzy. However we are pimarily using “rabbit ears” and amplified variations.

If we invested the capital into a decent external antenna with a booster, cabling, splitter boxes, etc. We would probably be able to receive a decent enough image.

On the digital with rabbit ears and/or suitibly amplified “bits of wire”. The image is almost perfect. I say almost because occasionally we get these digital glitches that make an extremely loud chopping or scratching noise. Then the audio goes out of phase with the still excellent image. Requiring a reset of the digital set top box. Thankfully that doesn’t happen too many times a week.

Then there is the weather. When the wind is blowing. The digital signal becomes intermittant. Resulting in lots of loud popping noises without much of anything else. Complete loss of image etc. Of course because we are using the “rabbit ears” it must be the source of the digital signal that is being compromised.

In other words. Digital TV is like everything else Senator Stephen Conroy touches. In my opinion it’s another half assed production.

Obviously if they are having “issues” with signal degredation on newly installed systems. Then one must wonder how these systems are going to perform over a prolonged timeframe?

To turn off the analogue systems later this year is premature. (Our area is one of the first to be effected)

The problem at the tranmission site of some of the Digital Services would have been reported many times. This has as yet to be addressed or rectified. Intermittant quality continues to be observed at this location.

No we are not ready here in the South East to play the guinea pig for Senator Stephen Conroy.

I strongly suggest that he fixes this mess before he creates “another reason” for the electorate to “scream for his head”.

Submissions to DBCDE (Senator Stephen Conroy)

Checkout the submissions.. Some are quite funny..


Here… Have a iframe of it…

One of the submissions I found interesting was from the “Australian Christian Lobby”. (A group I thought was responsible for this fiasco in the first place..)


Seems they have seen the pandora’s box open and support a non-government independent review panel with transparency in place.

Well.. sigh and hmmmmm

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