Government goes to war with Google over net censorship

See: SMH Article

The battle heats up with Senator Stephen Conroy forced to face some of his critics over the Governments plan to filter the internet.

Conroy repeated the same stance on his proposed internet filter.

SMH online poll

The SMH held an online poll.

96% against 03% for 01% undecided

Google against the filter

Quote: Google also said implementing mandatory filtering across Australia’s millions of internet users could “negatively impact user access speeds”, while filtering material from high-volume sites such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter “appears not to be technologically possible as it would have such a serious impact on internet access”.

Conroy squirms like a snake

Quote: Google said today it was surprised to hear Senator Conroy trying to “make this an issue about Google”.

“This is a debate about freedom of access to information for all Australians, an issue of national importance. Let’s focus on that,” Google said.


This is the way I see it…

Question: So why is Conroy still imposing his will against public opinion?

Answer: Because he is a Minister and can only be stopped by petitioning the Governor General. (Perhaps it’s really HRH that drives this legislation?)

Question: Why hasnt Rudd stepping in to stop this?

Answer: Because it’s in his interest to “CONTROL” the population. Using Conroy as a scapegoat. Rudd seeks to avoid responsibility with the electorate.

Question: How come the Opposition who are normally so quick to attack the Government over any and all issues so silent on this?

Answer: Because it was the Liberals who originally introduced this legislation around 1998-1999. The ALP are just tidying up the loose ends. The Liberals agree that this is a good way to “CONTROL” the population.

There may be a “large and growing group” that are opposed to this legislation. But.. We are still up the creek without a paddle because the Government is going to ignore that “large and growing group”.

It is the Party System that has bought us this trouble.

Parliament consisting of Inpedendents would NOT have bought us to this point.

We must damage the party system. We must all vote Independent. Politicians who were involved in the Party system should be shunned as the corrupters of democracy that they are.

Finally the “public will” will be honestly represented in Parliament.

FFS Australia! Wake up! Ban ALL Party Politics by only ever voting Independent!

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