Well this started out Political but ended up in Centrelinks lap.. So I stuck it here.. Anyway.. I already done a Political entry for today.. So I will fake it and stick it here..

See: Tony Abbott wants to cut the dole for the under 30's and send them to WA to work in the mines

Hmmmmm… (Gosh I love baiting Neo-Libs..)

So its the same dribble from the Neo-Liberals is it?

Neo-Liberal Mode On:

We (as a government) would rather put billions in a bank account. Than support those of us unfortunate enough to be out of work.

We believe that everyone has a personal responsibility. If you cannot make it on your own. We dont care. We would rather keep billions in the bank than spend a penny on training or even a system that provides decent support for the unemployed.

We will come up with the most draconian laws that we can. To force people into low paid positions thousands of miles away from their families..

Neo-Liberal Mode Off:

Look.. I think its simple. I’m not religious. But MOST of you claim to be.. So… see what I see..

The Neo-liberal way of making people do it tough or die is ancient. This is what they used to do to the sick and old in ancient societies isn’t it?

Is isn’t a Christian approach is it?

More modern approaches have favoured a much more lenient attitude.

Well the facts are.. The people by using unions and other such methods have forced these lenient changes onto the employers.

But Neo-liberals are the mostly the employers. So Neo-Libs would like to have the old ways back.. (cost less.. more profit for them)

Neo-liberals dont want to spend a penny on anything. (if they can avoid it..)

Neo-liberals would like to turn the clock back to when they could employ children for cleaning chimneys and other such duties for a few cents a day.

With the Motto of.. Do it alone.. Do it tough.. Dont expect any help from us.. Meanwhile we will bank/squander/waste your tax dollars.

The country is a shambles.. Whatever corrupt political party is running it. Everywhere, people are asleep at the wheel. With the Departments failing to do their jobs correctly. The Ombudsman system then fails to accept valid complaints.

The system is designed (by both sides) to be token representation. No changes due anytime soon.

Most of the public never realize it. Because most of the public have a job and don’t have to live in a system that is designed (by the last Neo-lib government) to force them into anything by any means.

I’m currently an enemployed single parent. I live rurally. Luckily I have been given an exemption (on medical grounds) from keeping “job seeker diarys” and “Fortnightly Lodgement of the Claim Forms”. However, I have been placed on “Intensive Assistance” which means I must have a monthly interviews.

But none of that saves me from the residue of John Howards meddling with Social Security law. Mr Howard introduced a system where Centrelink are unable to re-instate a payment until 2 working days have passed.

So if (for any reason.. like forgetting to lodge a 12 weekly form) you default on the claim lodgement. Centrelink (via Howards legislation) will make you wait 2 working days before re-instating your benefit.

So what you Neo-Libs say? Well for a family that is surviving on such low income. To have to go without for at minimum 2 days.. (Imagine not lodging your form on a Thursday.. So Friday is one day.. Saturday and Sunday dont count!! and Monday is day 2. But you actually had to go without from Thursday until Monday.

Good law hey..

So now.. Because your without food. You attend “Smith Family” or “Anglicare” who will only provide 2 days worth of food. Because that is how bad this country really is. These agencies are at breaking point because of this very ammendment to Social security law. If you need more than 2 days food. You have to re-attend (after 2 days) to aquire another 2 days food.

Yes life on the dole is great. It’s a real party. I would love some of you people who say that the unemployed shouldnt be trained to go through it.

I struggle and fall futher behind every week. Selling off possession after possession (over the years) to stay afloat. Because I used to work. I clocked up 9 years consistant with one employer. So I know what I’m missing by not being able to have a job. You numbskulls who think people on the dole are bludgers who are there because life is wonderful. Better have another look at what the real situation is. If someone is long term unemployed. They have a reason. Perhaps finding out that reason and fixing it would be less expensive in the long run than leaving them to work it out themselves.

Mental Illness is an example of why there are so many unemployed. (no.. I’ve never been diagnosed as mentally unwell.. Just in case your wondering.. But I know a few who have..)

They say that mental illness is as high as one in 5 in the community. The only way they deal with it is by directing the Doctors to provide SSRI drugs.

I would suggest that a more compasionate government that provided more resources to such things would actually see a decrease in many crimes and drug abuse within the community if they provided real support (read psychiatrists) to those who are mentally unwell. What I am saying is that it would cost less overall to properly take care of Mental Health in this country.

Well.. in closing.. Let me throw down a challenge..

Live 1 month on the dole you big mouths.

I recomend it as a learning experience to you Neo-Liberals..

Try surviving on it for.. 1 month.. Go on.. You know you want too…

Dont forget to budget for Car Rego, Tires, Electricity, Rent, School Fees, Clothing for 3, and if you have any money left.. food. Do your job seeker diary. attend your appointments. Forget about any kind of luxury items. Ohh.. and dont forget to STRESS about how your going to pay for it all again next week. (As long as you dont get cut off..) No wonder people go crazy on the dole.

Didn’t Paul Keeting try living on the same system as the dole?? I remember seeing something way back in the early 70’s on 60 minutes? It showed exactly how hard it was to survive. The money expired way too quickly.. In the end.. He was unable to afford even a newspaper.. and he gave up ahead of time.. (If my memeory serves me correctly)

hehehe Oh thats right.. “Life wasn’t meant to be easy”.. ;)

But as I always said in response..

Wasn’t meant to be this f^%$ing hard either..

U want more??? See: http://lazerzap.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl/Blog

Excuse typos and spelling mistakes please.. I am always in a hurry..

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