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  • MGDHS = Mt Gambier & District Health Service
  • HCSCC = Health & Community Services Complaints Commissioner
  • MBSA = Medical Board of South Australia

Ok.. Its time to update the story.. (So far..)

Lets do a brief recap.

  • On the 19th December 2009 at MGDHS Emergency Dept. I was refused antibiotics by an un-identified female doctor known as “Kim”. I refer to her later as Dr Kim.
  • On the 20th December 2009 at MGDHS Emergency Dept. I was given antibiotics for a “sinus” infection. (In fact I had an obvious tooth infection)
  • On the 21st December 2009 at The Medical Clinic Millicent. Because the infection had not responded to the “sinus” antibiotics and was actually worse. I was finally perscribed an antibiotic that proved to be effective.

I contacted the Administration of MGDHS to complain about the way I had been treated in MGDHS Emergency Dept. I wanted an apology from the Doctor who refused to perscribe antibiotics.

I also wanted to be reinbursed $70 for the petrol I had wasted attending MGDHS over 2 nights.

I thought that this would be the obvious outcome.

I was so.. so wrong.. After much stalling from the Administration of MGDHS in investigation of the complaint. Eventually I was informed that I wouldn’t be getting my $70 back. Nor would I be receiving an apology from the Doctor in question. In fact the Administration of MGDHS failed to offer an apology as well. They smugly suggested that I should contact HCSCC to make a formal complaint if I wanted.

Hmmm So I did.. After much time wasted. A few letters back and forth.. The HCSCC determined that they could find no fault with MGDHS. Though they did aparently consult with MBSA on 29th March 2010 who “declined to investigate” the complaint against the still un-named Dr Kim.

Aparently I am to be refused the information regarding the identity of Dr Kim for “Staff Safety” reasons.. WTF?

So I contacted the SA State Ombudsman. I told them I was very unhappy with the way this was being hidden under the carpet. I also said that $70 replacement of what I had spent to unsuccessfully attend MGDHS on 2 occasions should have been their easy way out. I do not consider that I have asked for more than what was due to me. I did not ask to be reinbursed for the extended time I suffered as a direct result of Dr Kims inability to deal with simple infections. An apology and $70 and we go our seperate ways. But no. No No No.

The SA State Ombudsman determines (very quickly and with a contemptious attitude towards me) that HCSCC did no wrong. The SA State Ombudsman refuses to investigate what happened at MGDHS Emergency Dept. I am told that the SA State Ombudsman has no juristiction over MGDHS. The only entity that does is HCSCC. So around in cicles we go.. Until eventually I inform the slightly obnoxious Ombudsman representative that I have had enough. She seems pleased to hear this.

So I inform the SA State Ombudsman’s representative that I will handle it myself. Via Twitter.. Facebook.. My own domains and forums.. This blog.. anyone that will listen..

I tell you dear reader.. I think this is just one example of the serious corruption we have at a government level here in South Australia. This is the only state in Australia that doesn’t have an anti-corruption commission. (AND IT IS REALLY STARTING TO SHOW!!!!)

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