Comments on: What the waitresses made of Rudd’s behaviour, heaven knows

Quote: “Neo-liberal dribble.. Neo-liberal dribble.. Neo-liberal dribble.. Wahhh.. Cry cry.. We lost the last election.. We lost John.. We lost George.. But at least we know climate change doesnt exist!”

Geez.. What is this claptrap? Is this the stamping ground of the NEO-LIBERALS only? I see no pro alp comments.. Only anti..

So I guess that means Rudd will be kicked out next election and we will have an Abbott to laugh at for a few years.

Seriously.. we are doing a Rudd bash are we?

Let me remind you about “Honest John”..

Gun Laws - July 1996, Wik - December 1996, Eroded Medicare - Private Health Insurance - July 1998, Sold Telstra - T1 Float - 1997, Sold Commonwealth Bank - 1997, Republic Referendum - Loaded Questions - November 1999, GST - July 2000, Boat People - August 2001, Sold Sydney Airport - June 2002, Asylum People in Detention - July 2002, Iraq War - March 2003, Tighten Social Security too hard - 2005, David Hicks - 2006, IR Laws - 2006, Soldiers Home in Body Bags - 2007, ID Card - (Was gonnna be) 2007.

You all know John Howard lost his SEAT dont you?

any idea why?

John overstepped the mark. John was too tough. After a few years in power. John thought he could get away with everything. The public educated John by refusing to allow him to hold his seat in parliament.

:) Having fun yet?

All PARTY politicians are corrupting parliament by the fact that they fail to represent the electorate. They instead support various Corporate and Religious demands.

Vote Independent and BANN party politics..

ps: I doubt you will publish this.. Why spoil a perfect Rudd bash?

pps: I will post it on my own site See: instead.. Thanks for the incentive..

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