I like twitter. I can get hypnotised just watching the tweets stream past my eyes. As I type this my main twitter account ‘lazerzap’ has 700 followers. I am currently following about 1700 accounts.

However, I increasingly find myself unfollowing obvious bots. When you see the same message repeated by other accounts continiously. I think its pretty safe to assume that they are bot accounts. So I unfollow them.

I wonder how many bots just have other bots following them? (The real humans deciding ages ago to desert the bot marketing tweets?)

So.. As a result.. I have decided that I will either avoid bots.. Or.. I will make sure that the bot delivery system is so infrequent as to be undetectable among my normal tweets.

I think that would be good advise to any bot marketing operator. Make sure that the frequency of your bot tweets aren’t too intrusive or you run the risk of being mass unfollowed.

But that is just my opinion. :)

The above poll results may or may not support my opinion. :)

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