iDigital RM-810 Universal Remote Control

Manually Search for Codes

  • 1 Turn on the power switch of the household appliance to be controlled. (EG TV set, VCR) Aim at the unit with the Remote Control.
  • 2 Press and hold the “SET” key, abd then press the “TYPE SELECTION” key. If you want to set your first TV set, for example, Press “SET” + “TV1”
  • 3 After the indicator light illuminates. Release the two keys simultaneously.
  • 4 Press “SET” key again. Indicator flashes.
  • 5 Press the “POWER” button repeatedly until you have turned off/on the machine you want remotely controlled. and then press the same “TYPE SELECT” button that you pressed in step 2.
  • 6 Turn on the home appliance, check if other keys on the remote control work normally. If yes, It indicates that your setting is successful. If No, Then repeat steps 2-6 until a code suitable for the equipment is found.

Note: Press the “TYPE SELECTION” key to exit automatic search state, and then indicator light will turn off

Automatic Code Search

  • 1 Turn on the controlled electronic appliance, and hold the Remote Controller to aim at the receiving point of the appliance.
  • 2 Press the “TYPE SELECTION” key. Indicator will flash once.
  • 3 Press and hold the “SET” key and the “POWER” key. Hold both keys down for more than 5 seconds. The indicator light will stay on.
  • 4 Release the two keys. The indicator light now flashes constantly.
  • 5 The RM-810 is now in automatic search mode. The RM-810 will continue to try different codes. Eventually the device to be controlled will turn off. This indicates that the RM-810 has found a code that works on your device.
  • 6 Press “ANY KEY” within 1.5 seconds (of the device responding) to select that code.
  • 7 Check whether operation of other buttons is at normal state. If so your setting is successfully accomplished. Otherwise repeat steps 2-6 avoiding previous failed attempts.

Note: After trying all codes the RM-810 will stop after 30 seconds. The indicator light will go out.

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