I saw an interesting show on NITV via Optus Sat the other night. It was so good I looked around on the net for it. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to locate the complete thing. But I was able to find a trailer for it.

Geoffrey Robertson’s Hypothetical, Closing The Gap from NITV video on Vimeo.

Everyone I have asked recently.. claims to have never heard of the ‘Hypothetical’ TV show.. Funny cos I thought everyone had experienced Geoffrey Robertson’s magic at some stage.

‘Closing The Gap’ is a typical ‘Hypothetical’. This particular edition highlights differences and similarities, that both White and Aboriginal Australians should be making it their business to know about each other.

It is interesting to observe the attitudes and responses of the various players. Geoffrey Robertson controls the participants with ease. Always funny to see the ‘People of Power’ so easily confounded by Geoffrey Robertson’s unique wit.

I hope you enjoy the sample as much as I enjoyed the whole show.. wink

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