This is all Wikipedia (currently) says about website promotion:

“Website promotion is the continuing process to promote a website to bring more visitors to the website. Many techniques such as web content development, search engine optimization (also known as SEO), and search engine submission, are used increase the traffic to a site.”

Well obviously they havn’t heard of Top 100 lists. Otherwise known as Top Sites lists.

The idea is that a webmaster will find an interesting list and join it. A small percentage (depending on the webmasters promotion of the link) of visitors to that webmasters site will click the link to the Top sites list.

A ‘vote’ for that referring website results at the Top sites list.

The visitor is then shown the Top Sites Ranking. Where they may (and do) click on other (related subject?) websites that are also members of the list.

And so the circle continues. To the benefit of all. Webmasters and Visitors.

There are many many many of these lists already running. I think you will find that most subjects are already covered. Just do a search for Top 100 and your subject. If not. You will most likely find a site where you can setup your own list on any subject you desire. (a damn good stategy)

When looking for a decent Top Sites list to join.. Because there are so many to choose from.. Look for an active webmaster.. (ie: Not just the standard Top Sites Layout) Also look at how many hits per day/week/month the site is generating for its members. (The better Top site lists provide this information)

Warning: Dont join lists that have websites you really dont want to be associated with. For example. If your a strictly G rated site. Try and join G rated lists. If your adult rated. Do us all a favour and stick to your adult rated lists. The search engines and other bots etc. can and do make assumptions based on this data.

Also as a warning. Making a page just for your Top 100 links is a bad idea in my opinion. The reason being.. Incoming visitors to your site are presented with a confusing page that only seems to consist of (animated?) Top 100 links? (Too easy to hit the back button and pick another site methinks..)

Plus if a visitor wants to vote for your site. They have to find the page. Find a link they like the look of.. It’s really off putting. Much better to have your ‘voting’ links on a select few ‘interesting’ pages.. or Sidebar perhaps.. Footer?

As a webmaster, if your internet image is important to you. I suggest that you do not make this mistake. Even though it seems to make perfect sense to just stick all your voting links on one page. I dont recomend that you do it. :)

Here are some pointers to signing up for a Top sites list:

Have a banner for your site available. Banners can be as simple or complex as you wish. (Note: You may need to resize it to accomodate the Top sites list you selected)

Dont forget to install your voting code onto your website! Otherwise you may get a short term benefit from random hits. But most Top sites systems will automatically flag your site as inactive and eventually lock you out.

Well I hope this posting has prompted a few webmasters into action. For those that get involved.. Have fun joining and setting up the code for your new Top Sites Website Promotion! To the others I say.. Better luck next time. :)

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