I was on twitter and I mentioned that I needed a bargain priced VPS with low specifications. Next thing @BigWetFish gets me to check this URL. Well, I checked the URL and saw some pretty good deals. In my case I was after the barest minimum nano tiny VPS I could operate with.

So I signed up for the VPS 1 deal (as instructed via email) and had it downgraded by the Big Wet Fish staff to:

VPS 1/2 (SuperMicro VPS) * CPU - Equal Share

  • Disk Space - 10GB
  • RAM - 64MB
  • Burstable RAM - 256MB
  • Monthly Bandwidth - 150GB
  • 100 Mbit Connection
  • No Cpanel Option
  • No setup fees
  • Choice of Linux OS
  • 1 Free IP address
  • SolusVM VPS Management Software

US $2.50 per month.

I think a great deal.. And get this.. Because I was only after an evaluation to determine my requirements. Big Wet Fish Hosting were so kind as to give me 1 months FREE trial!

(Don’t everyone expect that deal! I think it was a slow day or something.. You need to talk to them..)

I needed to setup OpenVPN. As a result it soon became obvious that TUN needed to be turned on by the hosting provider. (This is a common issue with VM VPS) However, Big Wet Fish responded to my email request for TUN to be activated rapidly.

The VPS seemed nimble and always responded well compared to a few other VPS’s I have used. Downtime was un-noticable during the evaluation. :)

In my case.. I was able to evaluate the specifications of the VPS in comparision to my requirements in a very short amount of time. Because of this.. I have no hesitation recomending Big Wet Fish Hosting to anyone who requires an unmanned VPS.

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