I have considered myself an Agnostic for sometime now. I wont bore you with the reasons for my choice. But I will say that I’m glad to be living in a country that allows me to proclaim my choice publicly without fear of religious repercussions.

Problem: Will belief in a god or religion limit our scientific future?

The Australian political system is openly dominated by religion. Being Agnostic, I have been feeling somewhat out of step with the mostly christian dominated politics here in Australia.

As a result, being rurally located, I have turned to the internet for some answers. But from what I have seen and heard online. Mostly the believers constantly barrage the Atheist/Agnostic with passionate pleas for their lost souls. Little else is offered. Threats of hellfire and damnation. The believers are quite primitive sometimes.

But no real arguement for religion is offered. It is suggested that religion provides morals to societies. Is is suggested that without structured religions societies would be without even basic morals. But I discount that on reasons of common sense. I reason that Morals also developed on tribal/national borders.

I prefer to communicate with people on PalTalk. PalTalk has been around since 1999 and provides Voice/Text chat in selectable rooms. (like irc) Use of PalTalk is Free.

One Atheist room I have found recently is called “Why are religious people intellectually dishonest?

There is a rarely a dull moment in the room. With believers of most faiths participating regularly.

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If you would like to join into the chat.. (Mostly running 24/7) Just click the following link and you will be placed into the room.


There are 2 ways of running PalTalk nowadays. If you have the full version of the client installed. Clicking the room link will open the client and connect you to the room. However, If you dont have the full version of PalTalk installed. A cut down browser based java client (which isnt as good) will be started.

I would recomend that everyone installs the full Paltalk client rather than using the java version. But if your on linux or Mac maybe the java version is better for you.

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