VN HSV LS number 118

I saw this car for sale on ebay. I realised that it hadn’t been advertised properly. (poor blurb with only 2 out of focus low res images and misnamed as a standard VN Commodore) As a result it sold for way under what I considered it to be worth and somehow we ended up with it.

My daughter (Sarah) went with me on the trip to get the HSV. We had decided to do a deal. My VP for whatever the HSV cost to buy, get home and registered. We expected the whole job to cost no more than $1000. We drove the HSV back from Pakenham in Victoria to Clay Wells in South Australia under a $40 Victorian Government 3 day Permit without major incident. (However in Ballarat we got harassed by the Victorian Police!)

However, while attempting to get the car inspected via the Millicent Police. (who were too busy with jobs to assist) The engine in the car started making bad noises on the way home. Which was probably a perfect time for it to play up. At least we hadn’t wasted money on Car inspections and registration.

So I stuck the HSV LS back up for sale on ebay to recoup our expenses. But this time I put in heaps of images and a detailed description. (makeing special note of the originality of the number 118 HSV LS ID Tag under the hood).

On day 7 of the 10 day ebay sale. With over 800 hits.. Over 40 watchers and the current bid at $500.. A guy clicked “Buy it Now” at $1500 ending the auction.

But he had “misread” my original ad on ebay and thought I was offering plenty of time to pay it off. So he took that supposed option and clicked “Buy it Now”

Everything happens for a reason..

We are trying to workout a suitable solution as I type.. (More info later)

1991 Commodore HSV LS Interior

1991 Commodore HSV LS Exterior

Checkout the ebay ad.. HERE!

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