Harvey Norman has been caught red handed by undercover environmental investigators selling furniture that fuels the destruction of Australia’s native forests.

Instead of using existing plantation timber - which is plentiful and affordable - an investigation by Markets for Change has revealed that Harvey Norman furniture is made from ancient Australian trees that are logged and sent to China for processing.

Incredibly, our new TV ad that shows what Harvey Norman are doing to our environment has just been banned from commercial TV by the industry body that classifies ads - because they’re scared of what Harvey Norman might do next.

They might block our video on TV – but they can’t stop us reaching millions of Australians by sending it to our friends and family online! Check out the footage they don’t want you to see and share it with everyone you can:


Why focus on Harvey Norman? As the dominant player in the furniture industry, shifting Harvey Norman to a sustainable wood supply is the key to shifting the rest of the sector and saving Australia’s precious native forests, including old growth forests that are hundreds of years old.

Our friends at Markets for Change have spent over a year doing detailed research into the furniture industry in Australia. Starting in ancient forests here in Australia, their investigations took them to China, where undercover teams documented Australian native timber being manufactured into furniture and imported back into Australia by Harvey Norman.

Australia’s native forests are not only a national treasure; they’re essential to our water supply - and among the world’s best carbon sinks. Check out this video showing what Harvey Norman is doing to our environment, and forward it to everyone you can:


More and more, big companies make the big decisions about our environment. It falls to us to hold them accountable: deep pockets and threatening legal departments be damned!

Last year Harvey Norman spent over $100 million on advertising, so their jingle is familiar to every Australian. How can we convince Harvey Norman to change their ways? We can’t match them dollar for dollar - but if we all forward this video to our friends and family we can make sure that next time they see hear Harvey Norman’s jingle, they’re reminded of the company’s environmental choices. This is how we can turn their own advertising budget against them..

Support: http://getup.org.au

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