Are you offended by what I’ve said below? Must be a guilt complex! These comments are based on local community and I’m standing up for musos who aren’t as fortunate as I am and don’t get to tour, but try to make an honest living out of their profession. Somebody has to raise public-awareness.

Just been offered a gig but “the venue can’t afford to pay the musicians”. This is a hip bar in Worcester and they are used to young singer/songwriters who are prepared to work for free causing it to be virtually impossible to work in Worcester now. It’s time to make a stand. Too many promoters (who get PAID by the venue) putting on ten acts per night, doing 20 minute spots and NOT PAYING ANYONE. Music is my occupation. Try calling 10 plumbers out to fix your major leak and tell THEM they’re doing it “for the exposure” and not getting paid.

This is TOTALLY different to working with and building a venue and getting it on it’s feet so they can afford to pay. GOOD promoters do this and I have friends who are good at it, but I haven’t seen many lately. They just keep doing the same old thing, week after week.

Venues are even starting to have open mic nights on prime gigging nights: Thursday - Saturday just so they can get people playing for fuck-all, to entertain their clientele! They’ve seen how it can work on early week nights and they want to get music FOR FREE and some of you are letting them. Meanwhile some PROFESSIONAL touring act from abroad has to pay for a bunch of hotel rooms and meals and have the night off. Everybody has to start somewhere? Yes. That’s what EARLY WEEK open mics are for. Heard of an apprenticeship?

MUSIC IS AN OCCUPATION. Everybody wants to download music for free so now the only way to make money is by playing live and now you’re making it so you can’t even do a gig and get paid for it. WAKE UP. This is my living. I’ve spent 40 years “paying my dues”. This is a LOT OF PEOPLE’S livings and you’re allowing the whole musician community be exploited. I’m pissed off and if you had any brains you’d be sharing this comment worldwide.

The question is no longer “Do you want to take it up the clacker?”, but now “How far would you like me to shove it up there?”

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