I am very worried about the outcome of the next federal election.

I do not want to see the NLP in control of the upper and lower houses of Parliament..

I fear the LNP “slash and burn”.. I fear the social implications.

Every time the LNP does it’s “slash and burn” it is always the lowest rung in society that suffers the most.

Those who barely cope within the current framework are forced to survive in an even tougher environment. Many are unable to do so. Prisons become filled with the disheveled who were already struggling with how little help is really available for those in need.

I am disappointed with how the general public have allowed themselves to become corrupted by the right wing rhetoric and lifestyle both major political parties offer.

The safety nets are mostly gone. The governments create more financial stress by privatizing. The governments lay off thousands of workers which reduces available services to the public even further.

While Hospitals/Schools/Police/Fire are “centralized” to make them more “efficient”.. *cough

(a lead up to those “services” being eventually privatized too.. I would guess..)

The public deserve the government they get I guess..

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