Gosh where to start…

I have been setting up a couple of VPS’s out there again..

I have found http://www.lowendbox.com/ to be an invaluable resource.

I let my old VPS’s go.. One I simply wasn’t using.. Due to it being found mostly unreliable..

The other suffered a major data loss..

(my fault for not backing up my work.. again.. *sigh.. we do live and learn..)

Always so much to do on a fresh install.. Data backup needs to become a routine..

Anyway.. This time around we have..

http://au0.org - Centos 32


http://pchost.org - Centos 32

I have installed Kloxo on both servers. Both servers are now configured to handle unlimited domains via re-seller accounts.

I am thinking setting up an automated backup regime for the vps’s

I have been looking at:


for $5 a month (half normal price… sounds good to me..)

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