At times it is very clear to me why I am not suitable to politics, there are so many things wrong in our society and in the way we are governed, yet the massive issues to me personally don’t appear to be the same as the issues debated during elections or discussed on social networks.

Our judicial system is a mess; affordable justice is a fallacy, prosecutions by police and government departments can occur without any procedural limitations or guidelines, allowing abuse of due process and absolutely no chance of equity or justice.

Government legislation is written with the sole intent of control of every aspect of our lives, while at the same time it ensures the inclusion of sections that undermine our rights and liberties

Our electoral system is written and controlled by those with the most to gain from structural biases, and the process itself is designed to ensure outcomes can be determined in advance.

Our political representatives do the bidding of their political parties, which are controlled by people we never get to see or meet, and the overall agenda is to follow the direction of the United Nations, even though as a nation we have little to no input into the direction chosen by them.

Free trade was designed and sold as the levelling of the playing field, a cosy feel good concept where the whole world enjoy the same quality of life, what we would like to think is that this means lifting the standards of living in third world countries, not dragging us down to their levels.

But none of these topics are ever on the agenda, as a nation we debate other topics, Gay marriage, football stadiums, trams, Holdens, and a variety of local issues, forgetting the root of all these problems are solved by demanding change in how we are governed not by whom.

Why is the agenda for political debate chosen by the politicians, not we the people? It is because we have lost our voice, and the reason we have lost it, is all of the above “The loss of democracy”

It reminds me of my first political slogan “Freedom Justice and democracy” are not negotiable

Mark Aldridge

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