It scares the hell out of me

Corporatocracy runs riot over us!

It scares the hell out of me what the Australian people are now willing to accept, we are over taxed, we pay through the nose for water, while our government give away water and tax breaks to foreign owned corporations, Police services, local councils et al are now corporations, even corporations like Westfield now have the government collect extortion money from us, an unpaid fine that blows of your windshield could end up costing you your license and your car, with the government standing over you to collect for one of their mates.

Compromised Elections

Elections are now smoke and mirrors with missing ballot papers exceeding winning margins, our Farmers are deliberately being wiped out so foreign governments can buy up our strategic asssets, grow top class product, sent that back to their nations and replace it with dodgy second grade rubbish from theirs. The government do the bidding of the big corporations, because that is who fund them, they rape their own people to do so.

Rights and Liberties abused

Our rights and liberties go missing every month, leaving us living in a nation where having a beer with a mate for their birthday can find you in jail, or you can be arrested for what you are wearing, or who you choose to befriend. Our children are no longer safe in their homes, schools or churches, or from the government.

Draconian Legislation & Declining Health Services

If you do anything wrong the government come down on you making you pay huge money for minor mistakes, if the government stuff up or the Police services stuff up, again you have to pay for their mistakes, in fact any mistake that happens in this once fine nation, is paid for by the people. In the 1970’s we had 14 hospital beds per thousands, now it is below 2, yet Australian donates billions to other nations to fix all the problems I have listed.

Corporations have no "morals"

These very corporations are destroying our land, our waterways, our aquifers and our oceans, they destroy lives and businesses with out fear or favor, and the government will cover up for them every time. We have no Justice, no Democracy and No Liberty, Our freedoms are being undermined, and with that our future, we the people may not be immortal, but when we leave this earth, we will be judged by what we leave behind, and what a bloody mess we are leaving for future generations.

Mark Aldridge

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