With the continued attack on Australia`s way of life, it has become alarmingly apparent, that the Liberals absolutely will not stop or listen to the public, no matter how big the outcry.

The constant attacks on Medicare, job stability,minority groups and the subterfuge surrounding the treasonous TPP agreements, are eroding the pillars of democracy and our fair go ethos.

We have seen nothing but lies and dog whistle politics, both from Federal and State coalition governments. The damage to our society has been tremendous and unprecedented.

A large section of the mainstream media has consistently failed in its duty of objective reporting. Rather, it spews forth lies, opinion pieces and deception. We have cheap hacks such as Andrew Bolt, deliberately whipping up hate in order to divide the community.

Arguably Queensland has the worst conditions of any state in Australia. Their political system has a long and stained history of corruption.

Coupled with this, they do not even have an upper house in Parliament.

The continued attacks on citizens, via the VLAD laws, which can technically punish anyone associated with bikies is a gross attack on individual rights.

The systematic attack on the health system and forcing hard working Doctors to sign punitive contracts is nothing short of disgraceful.

The mass sackings of workers in the public service has also put pressure on many government services.

The cancer of privatization is also ever present with the Newman government. Privatization has proved to be a colossal failure.

Quality of services plunge, prices sky rocket, and the government loses precious revenue, from which to put back into community projects and services. The only winners are the private mates of Newman`s government.

This is highway robbery of state owned, public assets.

We also continue to see attacks and an attempted weakening of the independent judiciary, and the weakening of Queensland`s corruption watchdog.

I urge you to think very carefully about the type of future you want.

Is our legacy going to be a clone of neoliberalist America? A broken health system, massive unemployment and underemployment, poor wages and conditions, and an out of control police force which brutally shuts down peaceful protests?

The choice is yours. Please think very carefully when casting your vote in this election. Your children's futures are at stake. Put the LNP last...that is where the put you.

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