Independent Riverina candidate Richard Foley wants to hand power back to the people

A Wagga man is determined to hand democracy back to the people.

Independent candidate for the federal seat of the Riverina Richard Foley has come up with a bold plan to give constituents a voice in the parliament.

Mr Foley said our elected representatives should represent the people, not lead them.

If elected, he will work with experts to develop an app that will let residents have their say directly to their elected representative.

“The little people need to take the power back,” Mr Foley said.

“If I’m elected, I will work with (information technology) experts to develop a voting app.

“Through this use of technology, I hope to engage the public and help make the residents of Riverina the most politically involved electorate in Australia, and set an example for every other elected Member of Parliament to follow, if they dare to actually support real democracy.”

He also wants to stand up for youth issues, including the ice epidemic plaguing the country.
“The two major parties don’t offer a genuine choice,” Mr Foley said.

“Both leaders are a bit on the nose (to the generation population).”

The 47-year-old wants the next government to establish a national integrity body to hold all industries to account, not just a focus on unions.

The little people need to take the power back.

  • Independent candidate for Riverina Richard Foley

Mr Foley is against the increasing foreign ownership of land.

“I’m a single parent and I wonder what the future holds for my daughter.

“What are we going to leave for future generations?

“We’re selling off assets to pay off debt.

“There has to be another way.”

Mr Foley indicated he would not be asking voters to preference their votes to any of the other candidates.

“Vote for whoever you want,” he said.

Mr Foley is hoping for community support to fuel his campaign.

Anyone interested can go here to view Mr Foley’s policies.

Mr Foley has worked in the construction industry for more than 20 years – recently working on the Wagga Marketplace expansion.


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