Would at least 1 Million people march in every capital city each November the 5th? All wearing "The Mask" as a show of solidarity with the Anonymous movement?

That's a "take" for the silver screen.. Not today's reality... That's a "news report" on fox.. THAT IS THE END GAME!

There needs to be a lot more corruption exposed before "the people" will march in numbers like that.

The public are not stupid. They are simply misled by Corporate owned Main Stream Media.

The political agenda's of the owners of Main Steam Media need to be exposed to the public. The corruptions of the Corporations need to be exposed so as to lessen their influence further.

Anonymous slowly forces PUBLIC TRANSPARENCY onto governments with the sheer weight of opinion directed at politicians and corporations via social media.

The Corporations and the Corrupted need to understand once and for all. There is a new game in town. It is called the Internet. It has REPLACED your old Media control of the masses. You do not control it. Public opinion is the new democracy.

Did at least 1 million people march in each capital city on the 5th of November? Perhaps not in the streets. But on the internet?? That's another thing entirely. Yes. Social media was "abuzz" with Anonymous activity on the 5th of November.

The only thing the "authorities" can try and do now is SMEAR the Anonymous movement. I am personally surprised that the "authorities" haven't dressed up some terrorists in masks to attempt to have the whole movement declared "outlawed" yet.

(I am expecting it tho.. I even hesitated giving them the idea.. But it is so obvious they must be keeping it for the "end game".)

Remember: The symbols of freedom may change. But the goal is always the same and THAT is the thing that scares the shit out of the corrupted elite.

Have a great (anonymous) day.

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