Common Sense that most Politicians Ignore

There was a time when our taxes were used to fund education amongst other things. I attended TAFE 30 yrs ago, it was free. Many politicians in my age bracket attended university, it was free. I truly feel for those who are now lumbered with huge debts because they wanted to better themselves. To my uninformed eyes it seems that successive LNP governments have privatised education more and more, and successive Labour governments have done nothing to remedy this. Where is the political clout demanding common sense government hiding. I can't see them anywhere!
As someone who has worked in the professional sphere across the board in education, training and so on, private and public, one of the saddest things I've witnessed is the killing of TAFE. Removal of funding, unreasonable demands placed on it, and these days, if you're at a jobs expo and so on, there will be private contractors vying for funding, deals etc and right alongside, some poor sod from the TAFE trying to advertise and tender for funding that ought to be guaranteed. It's a public service, for feck's sake. One of the worst parts of this is that there will be the usual privileged berks saying "oh, it's unworkable..." Of course it's become bloody unworkable. If you take the funding out of a public system, if you strip it of workers while increasing the demands on those left over, it will *remain* unworkable. *That's* how they kill off public services and, as Cameron points out, it kills off what can be considered society, for the sake of some false economic arguments. It's a bloody travesty. I've watched it in action, both from within and without. Don't trust anyone who tells you it's "corrupt", it's a "failure" or anything along those lines. Because those people fall under two categories: those who believe the lies as it is being stripped and those who have a vested interest in seeing it stripped and vilified - ie private contractors. How do I know this? I've *met* them.

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